Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How my family spend winter

It is a somewhat personal post, but I felt like writing it, more for the purpose of self-motivation.
Our family prefer active lifestyle, doesn't matter if it's summer or winter. And now when it's winter I thought I could tell my readers about our way to spend winter day.
Winters in Novosibirsk are snowy and always below 0. This one is relatively mild, though we had about 10 days of bitter colds, below -20.
The Christmas holiday, however, was so nice that we were out early all the time.
We went skiing, skating and tobogganing, and my husband and kids did more extreme things, like, for example...
- eating snow. Actually I don't find it extreme. This is what I used to do and still do myself, the only problem is that snow in cities is not suitable for eating at all. But outside, in forests and especially in the mountains and hills, it's a real treat!

- bathing in snow. My husband does it in the full meaning of the word, like this:

My kids and my nephew do it in a simplified variant, like this:
This is great fun!
Welcome to Siberia in winter! Perfect complexion guaranteed for free!

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