Monday, 19 September 2011

Interesting places in Novosibirsk Region. Rocks on the Berd (Berdskiye Skaly)

Golden autumn is still with us, and the weather is so wonderful that one just cannot stay at home. My passion for travels captivated me again and the last weekend my husband, my sons and me were out most of the time exploring the surroundings of our city and enjoying the sun, the golden scenery and ourselves.
On Saturday, September 16, we were sunbathing and even swimming on one of the beaches of the town Berdsk, which is only 4 km away from Novosibirsk. The river Berd flows into the Ob there forming quite a big gulf.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Golden Autumn in Siberia

I've had pretty much interpreting and tour guiding work this week, but I just cant' help writing this blogpost about the beauty around me these days.
Now, when September has reached its middle point, it's golden Autumn here and this expression is no exaggeration. There's gold everywhere, in all city parks, streets, all around me in Novosibirsk and outside.
I can't say that autumn is my favourite season, I don't have any favourite season so far, but this period is definitely the brightest and among one of the most picturesque and beautiful ones.
The weather has been perfect the whole week, about 15 degrees in the daytime, but the sun was as warm and bright as in the middle of the summer, so one could see girls in light dresses and men in T-shirts all around.
Now when I'm looking at it, I can say that the middle of September is the right time to visit Novosibirsk and other areas in Siberia with all these trees dressed in yellow, red and still green.