What I can do for YOU

You are visiting Novosibirsk as a tourist and want a city tour? You are coming on business and have a spare day or just a couple of hours, but you don't want to stay at the hotel? Or you wish to explore the city in the 'off-the-beaten-track' way? Perhaps you want to see and feel how ordinary people in the Siberian provinces live? Visit the page with the description of the tours I offer and find the tour you need. Should you have a special wish or want to book a tour, feel free to contact me for prices, itinerary and other related matters.
You are coming to Novosibirsk to an exhibition, a conference, negotiations, for a research or to assemble a machine at a local factory, but you neither speak nor read any Russian and you need someone to help you around? I have 15 years of expertise in interpreting. You can be sure you will have no problems communicating with the locals. Full confidentiality and compliance with your requirements is guaranteed. Contact me for all details like prices, schedule, etc.
You wish to set up or expand your business in the Russian-speaking space? You might need a native Russian expert who can help you translate your papers into Russian.
I can translate your documents and will do my best to make them sound as Russian as possible. Satisfaction of my clients together with my own reputation are of the highest value for me, so you can be sure of the best quality of your translations. 
I can check the translation into Russian, which has been done for you by someone else. I guarantee full confidentiality and compliance with all your requirements concerning style, deadline, etc. Get in touch with me to learn about prices and other terms.

If, for some reason, I am unable to help you I will do my best to recommend some colleagues from Novosibirsk and other cities in Russia.

Get in touch with me also in case you need some information about Novosibirsk or other destinations in Siberia like Altai Mountains. I will be happy to help you plan your travel, compose an itinerary of your travel, to find a hotel or a guest house, to book them, to advise on the must-see places, to hire a car to get there, to accompany you to your destination, find and book tickets to any cultural or sports events in Novosibirsk, to help you with shopping, etc. I started tourguiding in Novosibirsk in 2007, so by now I've gathered enough experience in all the mentioned activities and I consider myself competent to offer travel consulting and tips as a service. If you have a question, the answer to which is quick and straightforward, e.g. 'How to get to Altai from Novosibirsk by public transportation', be sure to get an answer quickly and for free. But if your inquiry requires a certain amount of research, web surfing or getting in touch with other people, such as helping you to arrange a trip to some place around Novosibirsk or Altai, a fee is applied for my consulting services and tips payable via PayPal. The amount depends on the research volume and starts from 20 Euros.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. good morning. i heard that along the highway there are small hotels for truckers to stay. these are not expensive. do you know about this?