Sunday, 13 May 2012

City tours in Novosibirsk for groups of up to 17 people

Dear visitors of Novosibirsk!
This spring and I started cooperating with a company offering transportation by minibuses ( Currently this company offers Mercedes Sprinter (for 17 people) and Istana (14 people), perfectly equipped with everything tourists need. The seats are comfortable, you can take a half-lying position. All seats are equipped with belts for you to feel safe. There is a microphone for a tour guide so that every tourist could hear well. There is an air conditioner so that you could feel well in every season. The drivers are professionals with a lot of driving experience and you can be sure you will be safe during your tour.
The advantage of a minibus is its small size. It is much easier to find a parking place and make a turn, so that tourists can be brought to virtually any place.

With these minibuses your Novosibirsk city tour will be as comfortable as it can be.

Welcome to Novosibirsk!


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