Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The 15th Festival of Snow Sculptures

This year our city welcomes the festival of snow sculptures for the 15th time. It is always great fun for citizens and guests of the city.
Watching the process of creating the sculptures is as much fun as watching the results of the work. It is a mere miracle to see how a pile of snow turns into a masterpiece. This year the theme of the festival is Russian fairy tales, so visitors try to guess, which fairy tale is represented by this or that figure. It is not always an easy task!
Unfortunately, such sculptures cannot be kept for a long time. In a couple of days only, especially if it snows or it is too warm, they bend or have other damages. So it is only possible to look at them until the end of January.
So if you are in Novosibirsk right now, hurry up to Pervomaisky Park to enjoy them.



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