Saturday, 22 September 2012

Interpreting at the metal-recycling factory

The majority of the posts in this blog are about various sights of Siberia, in cieites, towns and about wonders of nature.
But I am also an interpreter, and I have still not written anything about places where I worked as an interpreter, though many of them are amazing, and I would never go there without a sound reason to do that. But interpreting, which I love as deeply as I love tour guiding, gives me endless opportunities to visit many interesting enterprises, institutions and events.

Yesterday I was interpreting for a representative of a Japanese company, which seeks opportnities to purchase recycled metal from Russia. One of such metal-recycling companies is located in Novosibirsk, and it has been working in this area for 70 years already! During the Soviet period the company, which is called Vtorchermet (Recycled Black Metals) was a monopoly in our city, but now a lot of small competitors appear, and the production volumes are not so big.
Anyway, the company definitely has a lot of perspectives, because recycling is now an urgent issue.
Yesterday I had a chance to observe the production process and it was highly interesting and impresive. And I was fortunate to be able to make a couple of photoes.
This is the main production hall. Looks like a building after bombing or some collapse; it has no walls, only the roof. Imagine working here in winter, with -30 outside! By means of the hanging thing the previously cut metal is put into the machine and pressed. 

A pressed cube is getting out of the machine, which is then melted and can be used again. 

The company has its own railway. Everything looks terribly old, but it works!

these are the remains of old cars, which can be brought here for recycling.

this can be recycled as well!
What I found very positive is that this company accepts used beer or cola cans from ordinary people. I am now going to collect such cans at home or take part in different cleaning campaigns and bring the colected cans her for recycling. 


  1. Jesus, is that an old war tank at the bottom?? The conditions that these people worked in are terrifying to say the least, it saddens me. Theres such valuable metal there though, theres no use in leaving vehicles and products just lying around. Especially if its not somewhere in a junk yard or ditch with dirt.

    -David Enabulele

  2. Dear David, thank you for your response. But it is the conditions people work now! It saddens me even more than you, because I live in this city.
    And you are right, it is an old tank.