Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Horse Yard (Konny Dvor) near Belokurikha


During our stay in Belokurikha we went on one guided tour only. We visited the Horse Yard (Konny Dvor). It was very expensive, but my boys and I enjoyed it very much. I thought it would be interesting for the kids because the description of the tour said that one can see horses, birds, Siberian stags and much more. I was right, the boys loved it! Though we paid 40 euros for a 3hours tour for the three of us, we were not disappointed. But to those wishing to visit the place I recommend not to join an organized tour, but to go by yourself. Even if you go by taxi, it can be much cheaper.

The Horse Yard was arranged as a part of the local tourist infrastructure. It is a place uniting a racecourse, a stable, a fowl house, a stall for Siberian stags, a museum of folk art and a playground for children where all objects present characters of Russian fairy tales. There you can ride a horse, feed animals. On different holidays like Maslenitsa, Christmas, Easter the place organizes events attracting hundreds of visitors. In winter they construct slides for kids, in summer you can do fishing in the lake or swim there.

At the entrance you can see rather unexpected objects - a plane, a military tank and a train. I did not take a photo of the train, because it was difficult for the kids to climb it.
I think this object was the most interesting for the boys! They enjoyed it so much that we nearlly missed the bus!
And I liked the landscape. The place is located in the steppe, but you can see the mountains in the horizon. The nearest village is Novotyryshkino.
If you follow the signs and drive 2 more km, you will come to Rancho Prostokvashino, a similar place, where you can also spend several nights in a wooden house. There are several banyas (saunas) there. In spring it did not seem attractive, but I suppose in summer it can be very nice.
Interested? Want more information? Contact me, I’d be happy to help you.

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