Wednesday, 1 December 2010

About Novosibirsk, my home town

I started this blog to write about my homeland and my experience as a tourist guide, and to invite all my readers here.
And I find it reasonable to write about my hometown first.
I was born and have always lived in Novosibirsk, except for one year in Europe. That experience was wonderful, but I decided to go back home after that year, because I really love it here.

My city is unique in some sense, as it needed just 65 years to become a city with more than 1 million population. Thanks to this fact the city is often called Russian Chicago. Now 1.5 million people live here.
It's a big city. Of course not as huge as Moscow, the capital and most known Russian metropolis, but it's enough to make life really crazy.

The city lies almost in the very center of Russia and is a good way point if you travel along the Transsiberian Railway or wish to go to Altai Mountains and Mongolia after visiting something else in Russia.
The city has a lot to offer, though there are not many historical sights. No wonder, 'cause the city is just 117 years old. But it's a great example of the Soviet age with tens of so-called constructivism architecture specimen.
 And you will certainly like the chapel symbolizing the center of Russia and the opera and ballet theatre, one of the  grandest theatre buildings in the world.

And our winters! Come and visit Siberia in winter! You might dislike -30 and even -40, but you will certainly never forget it!

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