Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snowfalls in Western Siberia are turning into severe frosts

Winters in Siberia are something special. Very special even for the locals.
Snowfalls of the last three days are turning into severe frosts.
It was -5C in the morning and -17 early in the evening. The forecast for tomorrow is thrilling, about -30 in the night and between -24 and -29 in the daytime. Tomorrow we'll check what it will be like.

But today's morning was fabulous, if you just try to forget about traffic jams, which trapped the whole city.
But I don't drive a car, and as the weather was wonderful, I decided to take a little walk. It was snowing heavily, but there was no wind. A kind of perfect winter weather!

Just try to imagine what winter in Siberia is!
Would you like to experience it? Come to Novosibirsk somewhere in late November - late March. I bet your travel will be unforgettable!

Traffic jam. A typical picture these days

An interesting sign, but even mites in Siberia are very strong

 And this is what I see from my window now

 And it's just the beginning of winter. Who knows how much snow we'll have by the end of March?

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  1. Thank you for your story! It's great to see the real pictures.