Sunday, 1 January 2012

More ice and snow decorations in Novosibirsk

The 1st of January is a perfect day for a city walk. Few people, nearly empty streets, plus perfect weather this time.
We went for a nice walk, visited several parks and took more photos of ice and snow decorations. It is about -8 C now, and after several previous years it is nature's gorgeous present. One can be out nearly all day long, and this is what we are going to do the next days as well.
 And now more snow and ice figures

Snow figure, painted
Snow only. Beautifully painted.
Beautiful, isn't it?
And this is just the beginning. More pictures coming soon)


  1. Wonderful ideas to show your points :)
    Kwik-Snow is a fun and exciting product that makes artificial snow in seconds. Kwik-Snow will provide hours, days and even weeks of fun for both kids and adults. Now you can have instant snow anywhere on demand even where it never snows, Kwik-Snowc an make artificial or fake snow decoration even in the middle of the desert. Imagine being the envy of all your neighbours.

  2. I see the idea. But these snow figures are not artificial, they are real. I think an artificial snow figure in the middle of July would look great, but the real ones in winter are genuine, that's the point!