Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tomskaya Pisanitsa in winter

I've already written a post about Tomskaya Pisanitsa, an open-air museum of rock art containing a lot of other amazing artifacts of Russian and Siberian culture.
We went there in May and were determined to return either in summer or in winter, on one of Russian folk festivals. We failed to do it in summer, as there were a lot of other travels, short and long, but as the winter holidays were long and relatively warm for Siberia, we went there again. In winter Tomskaya Pisanitsa becomes the Siberian residence of Ded Moros (Father Frost), with several New Year trees, a log cabin where Ded Moros and Snegurochka dwell and two exciting long wooden slides.

I've written about a part of that travel in my post about Kemerovo, and as some of my readers seem interested in Tomskaya Pisanitsa and are even thinking of a visit there, I would like to share some more details and pictures.
To get to Tomskaya pisanitsa, you have to go to Kemerovo first, by any kind of transportation, or else to Tomsk or Novosibirsk. But Kemerovo is the closest city to the museum, only 35 km away, and there you can find a hotel or a room for rent, a lot of good cafes and, I suppose, interesting night life if you need something like that.
Tomsk is about 70 km to the north of the museum, and Novosibirsk is about 280 km.
There are also towns of Taiga and Yurga not far from the Pisanitsa, but I don't know much about them.

We went there on the 2nd of January and it was terribly crowded. It was a warm day, about -8 degrees, and it was a public holiday, so the parking lot was full.
But we didn't mind.
My older son was interested in the slides first of all, and we had a lot of fun there.

 The residence of Ded Moros was not nearly as exciting as we supposed it to be. I've heard from many people that the one in Velikiy Ustug, which is in the North-West of Russia, is a real fairy tale. But anyway, my small son was impressed.
 But he was much more impressed with numerous New Year Trees.

And then we walked around a little. The view of the Tom river is beautiful in any season.
And then it was getting dark, and Tomskaya Pisanitsa obviously has problems with illumination. Only the area around the slides was illuminated, and we had no desire to walk around in the dark. So we had tea (free!) in one of the cafes, all of which were full of people, and headed for Kemerovo.
Summarizing our two travels to Tosmkaya Pisanitsa, I can say that it is much better to visit it in summer. When it's warm, you can spend the whole day there, look at the zoo and all the artifacts, while in winter you have to move very fast not to get cold, and many artifacts are under snow.

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