Thursday, 5 January 2012

Town of ice on the Ob Embankment in Novosibirsk

This winter the embankment of the Ob river in Novosibirsk invites everyone to the 'town' of ice. This beautiful tradition has existed for I don't know how many years already, and snow and ice architects do their best to surprise people. This time they've beaten all their previous masterpieces, having created something like a miniature St.Petersburg, this year's theme.
I didn't manage to visit the 'town' the two previous winters, it was extremely cold, and I don't remember very well the themes of the winters I did manage to go there, but there is always a certain theme.
 It is huge work, with all the amount of ice needed to build the figures, so the entrance should be paid. This year it is 150 rubles per person (children under 7 are granted free access). Besides, if you leave the territory to get something from your car, for example, you have to buy a new ticket. Not very cheap, especially if you go with your whole family, but definitely worth the money.

There are warm cafes there, where you can have tea, coffee and sandwiches.
This year the 'town' is packed, because the weather is very nice, about -10 in the daytime. It is good and bad at the same time. There are loads of people, and you have to queue to roll downhill, but both children and adults don't mind, and even grannies and grandpas stand and wait for their turns to have fun.
I suppose it is even more astonishing to go there in the evening with all the lights on and I'm definitely going to do that, but for the time being I've got only pictures taken in the daylight, and today was a gray day with no sun, which would make the ice figures sparkle.
But they impress anyway!
Happy watching!
The gate
One of the slides. My kids took about 20 turns each in spite of the long line of people waiting for their turn.
A ship which is also a slide for the little ones
No idea what it is
Peter the Great on his horse
Tired? Come and have some rest. 
Yet another slide
You'd recognize it if you've been in St.Petersburg

The spots are coins. I suppose the idea is the same as the one with throwing coins into fountains
Inside an ice cabin. I didn't manage to make more photos because of plenty of visitors
Yet another slide Neither me, no my husband, nor even my kids dared to go down. Still the queue was enormous!
I'm definitely going to go there again, but perhaps on a business day, when there should be fewer people. Perhaps I' lucky and the day will be sunny. Ice figures shining in the sun are just fabulous!


  1. Wow! I should visit it for sure!!! But not on holidays :)

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing, Olga!

  3. Thanks! Olga, are there such things in your city?